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The Airline industry has transformed at a rapid pace over the last decade with fleet expansion, adding new routes, competing for market share.
Applying our domain knowledge to improve customer responsiveness, minimize operational costs and maximize efficiency.

Business Areas:

Robust and future-ready technology to help you improve airline brand value and performance for industry leading growth.
SkyCobalt Technologies brings to the industry with rich domain and technology experience. We have experience in providing IT services to leading airlines worldwide. Our consulting services will help your airline enterprise offer superior customer experienceand optimize business processes. Our industry specific enterprise data warehousing solution include, Booking, Revenue Analytics, Revenue Accounting, Ancillary Revenue, Sales & Distributation, Customer & Loyalty, Flight Operations, Mobility, MRO & Cargo Operations.

The SkyCobalt Technologies advantage:

Reduce time-to-market, with dedicated skilled resources providing domain support across multiple airline business areas.
Reduce costs via effective onshore / offshore model.
Enhance quality of deliverables, driven by our robust process framework.
Increased customer engagement.
Better-informed decision making capabilities.

Airline Business Intelligence

The various transactional information that airline industries stores, must be analyzed and organized in a way to obtain valuable results out of them.

  • Airline performance
  • Market performance & trends
  • Pricing performance & trends
  • Flight performance & trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Analysis on Loyalty programme & performance
  • Analysis on corporate programme & performance
  • Through put analysis
  • Analysis on all bodies working with the airline including travel agents, ground handling agents, passenger segment etc.

    Business Benefits

  • Increased revenues
  • Generate faster and accurate reporting to understand the market and customer behaviour to the most accurate values
  • Enable implement clear tracking mechanism and seal loop holes and gaps
  • Enable improve operational efficiency at all levels of the organization
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Improved visibility
  • Arrive at campaigns programmes best suited for given time and market segment
  • Clear statistics, revenues, over all benefits and also weakness of campaigns
  • Customer retention
  • Make appropriate and the best possible offer to each customer/ corporate customer
  • Allow effective and flexible decision making capabilities to the end users to quickly act on customers/corporate customers, based on customers history with the airline; This decision making ability usually adopted during disruptions prove to be most beneficial
  • Cost reductions
  • Better utilization of GDS facilities
  • Better utilization of resources, staffs and other equipment's
  • Better risk management
  • Clear insight into complex issues leading to cost and time effective decisions
  • Passenger Service System (PSS)

    Today's consumers are demanding superior technology experience and value for every dollar spent. Evolution of technology at such a speed is unprecedented, which in turn has made technology the first and the most significant touch point for airline providers with their valued customers. Earlier it was the industry that used to drive technology experience to improve operational efficiencies however, now the travellers drive the demand of their technology experience. We at SkyCobalt have been a key enabler in developing, maintaining, and supporting mission critical applications and processes that helps airlines to reach out to their customers and deliver high quality travel experience.
    The most important touch points between the airline and the customer are booking and check-in process at the airport. The smoother the process the better the customer experience. Airlines are increasingly resorting to the use of technology to empower the passenger for a customized and enjoyable travel experience.
    SkyCobalt has proven expertise in providing passenger solutions, having worked multiple renowned airlines across the globe. We have been involved in development of new generation passenger systems and are a preferred development partner for leading product vendors in Travel space. In addition to application development and product engineering, we provide application maintenance and support services for passenger services system (PSS) like Reservation, Fares, Ticketing and Departure Control next generation systems.

    Increased revenues