Data Management

  |   Data Management

Master Data Management

  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Help IT to get business buy-in
  • Define Srategy
  • Create the Roadmap
  • Tool selection
  • Assistance in design and implementation life cycle

Data Quality(DQ) Management

  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Design Data Quality Framework
  • Identify DQ measurement KPIs
  • Create DQ dashboards
  • Define DQ healthcheck parameters

Metadata Management(MM)

  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Strategy definition
  • Customized design
  • Tool selection

Data Governance(DG)

  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Setup Data Governance boards
  • Help IT to create awareness
  • Design Standards and Policies
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities and eligibility criteria

Data Modeling

  • Design conceptual , Logical and Physical Data model
  • Strategize and design integrated Data repository for enterprise
  • Data Model reviews
  • Desgin Data model for Operational business applications
  • Desgin Data model for Data warehouse
  • Design the Enterprise Reporting architecture
  • Define the data modeling starndards across the enterprise
  • "Implement industry Standard Model(IBM IFW , Teradata -FSLDM,MLDM)"

Data integration/Movement

  • Data Migration strategy
  • ETL Strategy definition
  • ETL design considerations
  • ETL Tool selection
  • Pefrom Design Reviews
  • High level and Low Level Design
  • ETL integration Testing