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The complexity of today's software, the effort that goes into developing it and its potential to touch millions of people has greatly increased the economic costs of errors. Therefore, it is essential that the software does what it is designed to do, not what is unintended. The software should be predictable and consistent, offering no surprises. Testing is the final arbiter of validity before the user assesses its merit. More and more companies are opting for independent software testing services, rather than handling the task in-house. Cost savings, business process improvements and requirement of specialized and professional skills are driving companies to outsource the testing process. An independent software testing service provides an unbiased and a wholly new perspective uninfluenced by the development team

SkyCobalt as your independent testing partner

SkyCobalt provides end to end software testing services to help enterprises in aviation industry to deliver high quality software resulting in competitive advantage and time to market acceleration. Our test labs consistently deliver the technical and business predictability expected out of software applications and products. Our prime focus is on the quality of deliverables, with clear-cut guidelines to measure the efficiency of each of those deliverables.
SkyCobalt employs Product led Services model by following the same people, process and infrastructure to extend the ownership and product quality rigor to our services. In our consistent effort to innovate and improvise, we have developed significant thought leadership in Quality Management through new and innovative methodologies and practices.